Monday, July 25, 2011

Startin' Fresh!

Hey guys! It's been over a week since I've posted anything. I slowly am getting better and not in as much pain anymore with my ear! Still can't hear, but what's new!

I've got lots to post about! First I cut my hair! Eeeee! I needed a change and I could not stand my hair any longer. It was pretty much stripper long according to my sister. ha! So I cut over 6inches off! I LOVE IT! Here is a picture of my hubs and I at the Royals game!

We have been working hard around our house lately. I feel as though we still have SO much more to do, especially before I head back to teaching. Booo!! I'm not even ready yet. I've been enjoying staying up late, sleeping in, watching tv, and blog stalking! :)

I mentioned that we got our house painted. The crew is done painting so I wanted to show you a few pictures of the house. We are still trying to do lots on the outside of our house like creating a brick flower bed/wall thingy, brick walkway on the side of our house, extending our patio by creating a paver patio. Ohhh the list could go on and on. My lovely husband hates lists and its no secret I'm obsessed with lists and most importantly I LOVE crossing things off the list. Ahhh such a great feeling!

Brian & I had a tough time picking out colors for the house. We wanted something different. Our house was previously a light light tan color with the traditional white trim and red shutters. BLAH! Vomit! Yup I hated it and my house really looked like a trash hole. Not really, but to me it was pretty awful. We had a lot of damage on our siding from the storms, wood rot, etc. etc. So anyways all that is fixed, and it looks grrrreat!

Oh wait how could I forget I had our insurance come out to look at our damage and they pulled part of our trim above our window off so it created a hole. A nice little hole for a birds nest that had several baby birdies in there. It felt like the birds lived in my dining room. Sick! The crew fixed that too so no more birdies in the dining room, yay!

And I had this sweet basketball goal on my house when I moved in 5 years ago. It became a running joke and a land mark for people to find my house. I would say to people my house is on the right hand side and it has a sweet basketball goal on the front of the house, you can't miss it!! Behind the goal there was another birds nest that was seriously there for 5 years. Every spring we had baby birdies. It was annoying and several baby birdies died from falling out of the nest & several baby birdies ended up hopping in our garage. I'm an animal lover but it really got annoying would I had to throw several baby birds in the trash and scurry them out of our garage. Sooooo it was a huge MOMENT when the crew tore down our basketball on our house. RIP Basketball goal, you will NOT be missed! :)

Last but not least "BOB the Builder" Ohhhh Bob the builder! Who is bob the builder? Well 5 years ago when my best friend in the whole wide world, Angie lived with me, she would randomly get woken up at 5am by Bob the builder. Bob was a squirrel that liked to build things in our attic in the early morning! So annoying. We set many traps, squirrel bait, mini bombs, and still couldn't kill him! We boarded up the hole he was getting in several times but the dang thing managed to bite his little way through it every time. Well the crew said they were going to try something different and cover up the entry. I just told them to do whatever they needed to do before I borrowed my friends BB gun and shot Bob the builder myself! I wish bob was gone or dead but he is now trapped in our house, oh geeze, I hope he dies soon from a heat stroke! I really am not this mean but it's BOB's time to go to squirrel heaven!

Whew! See we had many things wrong with our house and now it's ALL fixed. What a great feeling. Okay so Brian and I wanted a different color for the house. Something different and something that stood out. We have a gray house next to us and a poop colored green house on the other side of us. So we wanted to really make our house pop & stand out!

We spent over $50.00 in samples trying to find the right color. Brian & I made many trips up to Home Depot to pick out the right color. It was quite frustrating and we felt rushed. I didn't even get all the pictures of the colors we put on our house to test it out. Our whole porch area was covered in samples! Ha!! You see the orange. I came home and Brian put that on the shed and I was like WHAT? He said, "baby your favorite color is orange right?" HA! So that color was a joke!  Finally our last visit to Home Depot we picked our last color combo and it was a WINNER!

Anyways we decided with a light mocha color, with a creamy trim, and dark dark brown for our accent color. We love it. Ahhh.....It looks amazing. We also decided against shutters. We also of course got all new light fixtures, numbers for the house, door fixtures, new doorbell etc. It looks great and certainly gives it that pop we wanted! Here it is:

Our new doorbell and door fixture. Ohhh the little things in life. Actually that thing was EXspensive. 
So I guess it deserves its own picture! :)
Here is our back porch. Still needing some decorating help but I will be working on that sooner than later! 

Also here is a little craft I did. Brian was so kind and brought these stumps home from the farm. He ended up carving a lot of stumps for the wedding but these ones were blank ones. I wanted to create a little stump bench for our front porch. I found this wood head board at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $14.00. I placed the stumps in front of it. Added 3 little pots of flowers and a bird house! How cute! I love it. I am sure I will add more things to our front porch, but it's a start! 

Here are some other pictures of the inside of our house right now. We again still have LOTS to do but here is a little glimpse in the Shields household!




Dining Room: My wedding bouquets are hanging from the door knobs on our hutch. So fun! This is my old kitchen table that we put in the dining room for now. We moved Brian's dining room table in our kitchen and I am in the process of refinishing an old vintage farm table for this dining room! 
Don't look in the corners of this room, those are wedding piles! :)

 Yup it's a burlap table runner. It actually is one of my dads coffee bags from the warehouse. Stay tuned for burlap pillows, curtains, ohhhh and even a burlap rug for our porch! I LOVE burlap! :)

Family Room!

Alright that's it for now, this are all the things that we have been working on, Startin' Fresh! :)

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