Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pain Pain Go Away!

I am not one to really complain or be negative. But I have this awful ear infection! The good news is I have to boast about my wonderful husband and amazing Mama & Pops. They have really taken care of me the past few days. Literally 12 days ago my little sis dunked me in the pool and I got water in my ear. It stayed in my ear and created this nasty infection. Long story but it got so bad I finally went to the doctor. 5 medicines, 3 trips to the doctors, 3 trips to the pharmacy and two wicks that were placed in my ear later I got to go home yesterday and rest. The pain was so bad and the swelling from my swollen shut ear cannal spread to the side of my face which caused some sort of Melanoma ear condition. Ha! CRAZY! My doctor said I could win a prize for how horrible this infection was. He was so impressed he invited nurses in to my room to take a peak at my nasty ear. :( I just chuckled and said please give me medicine, STRONG medicine! He was extremely worried and wanted to hospitalize me if my fever and swelling didn't go down. Who would of thought that this was all due to my sister dunking me in the pool. THANKS LITTLE SARA! I'm never going swimming again.

Anways my sweet husband has already taken action being the EMT he is. This morning I woke up to him taking my tempurature over me, haha kinda of creepy but more sweet than anything! And he brought me my 10 medicine bottles and breakfast. My mom was my official Taxi driver today because I can't drive with these meds, they are so strong! I am on the road to recovery THANK GOODNESS! Most of you that know me know it's REALLY hard for me to relax. I'm constantly on the go. Last night Brian got mad at me cause I wanted to clean out and re organized our pantry! ha! I did a quick clean out before I realized I needed to lay down! He was right.

So the point in me telling you this is that it's been a huge set back. I have a million things and crafts I would much rather be doing than resting! I only have a few more weeks before this teacher heads back to school.

Tomorrow Brian and I will be picking out new exterior paint for our house to get painted. We also have had some other repairs around the house. We are going to go get new fixtures for the outside of our house as well. EEEEKKK! I can't wait to post pics. I am also going to repaint some of our outdoor furniture and of course get some new pretty flowers! I will post pictures tomorrow of the progress of our house. This week it should be done.

I'm really ready for my dogs to stop barking at the workers cause it's really driving me nuts and hurting my poor ear! Stay tuned for pictures! Yipeeeeeee

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