Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stroller MUST have!

Okay so really you know your a mom when you fall in love with the perfect stroller! While I was pregnant with Evie we registered for lots of things. A stroller is a must have. So I wanted a multi-purpose stroller. You need to think of these things before you get a stroller so you don't end up with 10 strollers. I knew I wanted 2. A larger one for walking/jogging and then a small one to get around small area places like all my antique shops! :)

Our stroller we registered for was from Target. My best girlfriends got us this. We were thrilled and we LOVE it. We've gotten so many compliments on it. This is what is awesome about it:

1. It's affordable
2. Great reviews
3. Safe- locking wheels
4. It has the infant car seat attachment
5. You then can use it after the baby is out of the car seat
6. The seat lays all the way down. Which is amazing especially if you need to do a diaper change. BOOYAH!
7. Folds for storage
8. Has a large basket underneath to hold items
9. Easy to clean
10. The color is neutral for Boys & Girls
11. Only requires one hand to fold up. Which you don't really think about until you have a screaming child that you are holding in the other arm.
12. It has a canopy for shade

Here it is: We love this stroller. It really was a life saver when Evie was tiny tiny. I took this to all my dance camps with me!

Okay the only bad things about this stroller is that it is rather large. It folds up great but takes up most of my trunk space in my jeep. The next one is that there was no place for keys, water bottle, or your wallet. So we had a to buy a little thing which was an additional $15. Yuck.

On to our other new stroller. This stroller I am just thrilled about. I take Evie antiquing with me all the time and usually just put her in my moby wrap since the stroller above is soo large it just makes sense to not take it. Well now that Evie is older we wanted to invest in a tiny little stroller as well to take with us places. My sister in law suggested an umbrella stroller. So I did my research. I refused to pay tons of money. I was convinced I could find a great one for a great price. I searched Amazon and found this puppy.

The first years Jet Stroller:

I am pretty much in love with this stroller. I love the color. It does come in bright colors but I wanted to go with neutral so gray it was. This was easy to assemble just put the wheels on. It has a basket underneath, it has a canopy up top, it comes with 4 compartment that you can sit your drinks in, it has a zipper compartment and 4 small mesh pockets, adjustable straps for Evie, easy to fold, weighs 11lbs, AND AND AND AND The price was unbelievable for all of these things. It was on sale at Amazon for $36.00. Oh yeah and the grand total with shipping was $40.00. I say I found a gem. We have already used it and we love it! Sooo all my mommy to be friends out there if you are in the market for a stroller with multi-purpose qualities check these out! They are must haves!!

Click below to check these strollers out:
Gracco Trekko-3 Wheel Stroller
The First Years Jet Stroller

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obsessed with this Etsy Store: KAKABAKA

Well the past few months I've been slightly obsessed with shopping online. Just about everyday in the mail I got a package and sometimes I would have to beat my husband to the mailbox so he wouldn't see all the goodies I got for our daughter!! Now I'm really really thrifty about spending money & typically I make things instead to save money. However, I found this cute, adorable, trendy little Etsy shop that I instantly fell in love with. Sooooo I had to splurge! The shop is called Kakabaka. It first started off with a pair of black & white leg candy. Then it turned into a custom order for a Jayhawk onesie, then matching KU leg warmers, next chief leg warmers, with a matching bow, last I topped off my order with MORE leg warmers!! OH MY GOSH I had to stop there! Karen, the owner of the shop is the sweetest, most accommodating lady! I immediately fell in love with her business & enjoyed emailing her back & forth while we finalized my large order. Check out her Etsy shop you will drool over her work. Right now she has free shipping on some of her items!! Thank you Kakabaka for ALL Evie's adorable items & the extras!

Click here to visit KAKABAKA

Here is some of her work! Evie's favorite is her leg warmers & sport onesies! I'm sorry but not a lot of stores make cute sport onesies for babies. But Karen custom makes these, AHHHDORABLE! :)

We can't wait to wear this Jayhawk onesie & leg candy

Evie with her Chiefs leg warmers & headband from Kakabaka. Go Chiefs!

Ombre` leg candy, yes please! :)

Here is Evie modeling these striped leg warmers

Now on to Evie's wish list from this store:

I'm dying over this ADORABLE Halloween outfit, SOO stinkin' cute! Love love love those little leg warmers.

Kakabaka also does adorable boys attire and toddler items! Check her out, it's totally worth it, I PROMISE! Tell her I sent you!

Kakabaka also has a facebook page, hurry over there and LIKE their page. 

Evie's Newborn & 3 month pictures

I can't believe how time has flown by! Crazy! Seems just like yesterday we were patiently waiting for this little chica to arrive. Wanted to share some of her pics with you all. I try not to be "that mom" that posts ONE million pictures of her child. But it's hard not gonna lie. So now that I'm back in the bloggy blogging world I will try to post her "professional portraits" here. 

A great friend of ours started her photography business right around when Evie was born. Which was great timing because the original photographer that was going to take pictures of Evie was literally having her baby too. Soo this worked out great. Here is Whitney's website. Take a look, we love her work! ! Thanks Whitney!

Evie's newborn pictures:

Evie's 3 month pictures:

haha! Evie's face! Love!

Holy pictures! Sorry for so many but there were TOO many cute photo's to choose between & I only posted half! hehe!