Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Shower Galore!

Our Little Miss is one lucky girl! She's got so many people already that love her and are just as excited as we are for her arrival! My school threw Brian & I a Baby Shower. It was so sweet, fun and perfect. I love my coworkers!!! I only have a few pictures because my phone died, of course! Take a peak.....

My amazing 3rd grade team who I adore!!

We got lots of fun gifts! They were all much needed and so thoughtful!! :)

Some of my coworkers eating dessert!

The next baby shower we had was thrown by my sweet mother, sister and sister-in-law. They went above & beyond to say the least. It was absolutely perfect, the decor was amazing, and everyone was drooling over all the yummie treats, drinks, and crafts! They were able to reuse a lot of items from our wedding including all the vintage dishes! 

The first thing I will start off with is the adorable invite my mom had made on Etsy.
Cute huh!

Here are the rest of the pictures! 
It was a brunch shower so they had a variety of breakfast treats! 

These vintage milk glasses are not actual old milk glasses. They are the glass Starbucks frappuccino bottles. There were only 70 of them. Yup which means our WHOLE family had to drink these for a month. If I see another Starbucks frappuccino I will vomit. haha! But it was worth it because they turned out oh so adorable! 

After opening gifts, we had craft time. Everyone got to make little miss a headband, bows, or sweet little booties! So FUN!

 Thank-You favors! Coral lollipops & of course delicious coffee from my parents business! 

My mama made these Baby frames! So sweet. In fact I love them so much they are hanging our nursery now!

This was one of my favorites. Everyone got to fill out Wishes for the Baby! I am going to make a book out of them. They were so thoughtful and quite funny!

Two of my besties! Heather Feather and Gina! 

Auntie Gee & I ! 

Big Grandma & I !

My sister La !

My sister Little Sara !

My pretty Mama & I !

All of us girls!

Baby Bump!

34 weeks. How is it possible for me to get any bigger, sheesh!! I'm sure it's possible! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

34 Weeks & a Sneak Peak of the Nursery!

This week has been my spring break so as you can imagine I decided to do WAY too many projects/crafts this week. Although, I've been moving and grooving through them with the help of my wonderful hubbie and sweet family! They have been keeping me motivated and sure helping out a lot. All I want is for it to be done so I can cross it off my list. After the nursery I will be doing a slight redecorating/reorganizing to our guest bedroom/craft room which Brian is painting and fixing up right now. I also have old furniture that I can't WAIT to get rid of. Most of you that know me know that I love to keep things super clean, organized and I am slightly obsessed with getting rid of things! I just love the feeling of cleaning out things and getting rid of things we don't need or use! My husband would disagree with this, we somehow have opposite opinions on this!  ha! Love ya babe! After I get that guest room done, who knows what I will do after that probably the guest/baby's bathroom and then loft area. Yes I'm crazy. I'm gonna keep on going until this baby gets here! It helps the time pass and I've gotta be constantly doing something.

Are you ready? Now keep in mind the nursery is no where near done I've got to do lots of little things. But I am just so excited that is coming along finally! YAY! Remember one of my last posts, it had all of our inspiration on there. Well I slightly changed somethings for the best!

Changing Table Wall

Love this frame, old drawers, jars, some first Friday finds and something that belonged to my great grandma Jean!

Crib Skirt

Ruffle Curtains. Without the help of my mom and sister I would still be working on these darn things. I hate them, I hate everything about them. BUT I LOVE how they turned out. SOO cute. Next time I will pay the price and just buy them even though I saved almost $60 by making them my own. 

Lamp shades, not finished yet but will be today hopefully!

Made this coat/towel rack. We used an old vintage window from Brian's old house. Some of you may notice it from our wedding too. I bought the cute knobs at Hobby Lobby at 50%. Then I added these vintage skeleton keys that were from my Great Grandmothers house! Turned out great!

This banner I will be adding some stuff too. I was going to make a new one but I found this banner my sister made for our wedding! I reused it! One less thing to make!

On to baby bump pictures week 34:

How far along: Finishing week 34!
Total weight gain: 25 pounds
Maternity clothes: Work pants and jeans. The bigger I get the harder it's getting to stretch my shirts, lol! I am having a harder time going shopping and not being able to buy adorable spring dresses, swimsuits, cover ups, etc. UGH! I can't wait to be a normal size so I can get my Summer shopping on! 
Stretch marks: I'm getting a few little red lines here and there.
Sleep: It's been okay. I still wake up around 2:30 or 4:00. My allergies have been bad so Benadryl has helped with that and helped knock me out!
Best moment: Our Baby showers last week, working on the nursery with Brian!
Miss anything: My brain! I miss sleeping awesome! I miss dancing full out. I did a clinic this week and couldn't dance full out which was frustrating. I'm ready to be able to move again! I also miss my ribs not hurting! I miss not being able to get off the couch without a push from my husband! ha! I'm so not complaining by any means, just miss the little things. However, it's totally WORTH it!
Movement: tons and she is getting quite cramped in there!
Food cravings: Ice! 
Queasy or sick: nope
Showing: Oh yes!
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks
Belly button: Is in. Finally took my belly button ring out. Guess I'm growing up or something?
Wedding rings: On
Mood: Exhausted but happy!
Looking forward to: finishing the nursery and for this little girl to arrive healthy!!! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Friday Finds

Hey all! We've been super duper busy here in the Shields' household doing very exciting things. I will do a longer blog later but wanted to share with you some great finds for the nursery. We love love love going to First Fridays downtown off of the 12th Street bridge. We've been going for about a year now. It all started with searching for wedding stuff last year but now this year it was all about searching for nursery/baby stuff. So fun! If you have not yet been downtown to the Antique First Fridays you MUST go. I'm addicted. I love going to get ideas I usually do not purchase a ton of stuff because I'm a DIY kinda girl. I enjoy doing projects myself and lets get honest I like saving money. Some of the prices are pricey at First Fridays. However, here is how I determine if I will pay the price. I usually make a list before I go of items I'm searching for. I then think about what color/colors it needs to be. If the item is priced okay, if it's on my list and if it's the RIGHT color I will buy it! So that is how I bought a few great items in March! Here they are! I only have a picture of a few things. The rest you will have to wait to see the Nursery Sneak Peak to see the rest of the items.

Also if you LOVE vintage/flea markets as much as me and our fam. You've gotta check out Fleeting Flea at the end of March! It''s a must. This is where I have bought the MOST items for the wedding and our house! Not to mention all the items I bought for our wedding are now new decor in our house. Bonus! That was another thing I wanted to do was buy items for the wedding that will serve multi-uses!

Here we go:
These 2 finds just put a HUGE smile on my face! ;) Okay they were a little bit more expensive then I had wished but they were on my list and the PERFECT color for the nursery: Coral! As I mentioned before coral is a new trend color that is becoming rather popular but guess what it's freakin H-A-R-D to find the perfect coral. But I did, I found it! This is a 1955 Coronada Radio. The price tag said $22.00 doesn't work, as is! I was beyond thrilled to find this. I didn't care that it didn't work. Around the corner was an old Budweiser crate painted coral, $25.00. HOW COULD THIS BE SO? Too good to be true. I snatched up these 2 items so quick. I then called Brian to tell him about the radio and he couldn't believe I paid so much money for a non working radio. However, the research guy he is he started looking up these radios. This radio was from 1955 and only came in two colors: Rosewood & Coral. AMAZING! He came home the next day wanting to see if he could get it to work. Sure enough he worked his magic and got the radio to work. Some how we were listening to XM radio. It picked up an XM wave length. Crazy. How cool is this! Now I feel like I got this radio for a steal! As you can imagine both these items are goin in the Nursery! Yippee! 

My new obsession Pallets. My daddio gets tons of pallets from all his coffee that gets shipped to him. So you can imagine I have some great pallets waiting in our garage for me to get creative with. Which I will be doing a project soon for the nursery with a pallet, stay tuned. This is an adorable pallet shelf that will go in our Master Bedroom. I have seen different signs that say You & Me on it and wanted something like that for our bedroom. Well I found it. This guy I found at my new favorite Antique shop at First Fridays, called Re. Anyways this shelf was on my list, and the perfect color. I will put old milk jars in it with flowers, vintage books and some pictures in it. Adorable! It cost me around $25 I believe. In the picture it doesn't look big but it's rather huge. I think it's taller than me, which doesn't say much but an almost 5 ft shelf was a sweet deal!
How adorable? This little gal is an old antique piggy bank. It's in the nursery and Brian already put money in it for our little one. Only $7, so sweet!

Love our new mantle! AWW so in love. Okay soooo the First Friday Find is the & sign. I've been searching for an old beat up sign like this, I found it. I think it was $20 or something like that? Still a little much for me, but hey it completes this mantle. Once you found out how much I spent on all this decor you will agree that it was okay to splurge on a $20 sign. As for the mason jars with twigs they were from our wedding, sooo count those as free. I found this HUGE 22 x 28 beat up black vintage frame at Hobby lobby on 90% clearance in the summer for $6, yes can you believe $6! Frames are freaking expensive especially a huge one like this. It was originally $70.00. As for our wedding picture. I found this idea on pinterest. I took our picture to Office Max they blew it up to an Engineer Print, that only comes in Black and White. I was a little nervous how it would turn out and if it would be fuzzy. It's not it's clear as day and looks completely worth a ton of money! For a 22 x 28 this picture cost me a fat $3.00! UM YES! Soooo this whole mantle cost me around $29.00 not too shabby eh? I absolutely love the way it turned out! 
The last huge piece is this antique door with shelves. So fun! It was $49.00. I had to come back the next day to pick it up which was quite the ordeal with my sweet husband who was not too happy with me being that I didn't measure it. Well with a lot of frustration we got this puppy home. I had full intentions on putting it in the nursery however I don't think it will fit. The nursery seems full to me. I will be putting this in our loft area. Which I can't wait to get started on decorating that! 

That's a wrap for my First Friday Finds. More to come in the pictures of the nursery! Adios!