Sunday, August 7, 2011

Classroom Furniture & Organizing

I needed another file cabinet for my classroom. So I found this free one my parents weren't using at their office. It was an ugly tan and gray color. I painted it white. Then I modge podged the drawers with black & white scrapbook paper I had left over from a wedding project. The grand total of this project and new furniture piece for my classroom a big fat $0.00. LOVE!

Here it is:

Next up, is a paper organizer that I've been in desperate need of. It will be for all of my colored/construction paper. I have almost broke down and bought one at Michael's in the scrap booking area but those suckers are EXpensive. I mean really expensive. They all are of course ugly too. I like a little style in my life. Sooooooo...... I also found several small fed ex boxes from my parents work they do not use any more. I cut off one side of them all. I attached them all together and modge podged with fabric. Um... can we say adorable. I am so excited about this since this project cost me a big fat $0.00. I already had all the supplies laying around the house. Here it is:

Last we have magazine holders. I too made these out of a medium size fed ex box. All I did was cut out the shape I needed with an exacto knife. I then modge podged them with scrap book paper and a few with fabric. I loved this project because it cost me a total of $0.00 as well. I like this pattern I have going on with spending NO money!! :) They really did turn out so cute! I only made 3 because I ran out of glue so I will finish those up tomorrow!

I also painted a few frames but they are not ready yet! More to come tomorrow! I'm scrabblin' to get things done before I go back to work on Tuesday, booooooooo!!!!

New Trunk & it's ..... ORANGE!

So my mom and I are obsessed with First Fridays downtown. There are so many amazing vintage/antique vendors. We spotted this orange trunk last month. It was a great price at $45. It's was HUGE too. I decided to not get it because I couldn't justify at the time where it would go in our house. Well you know me I kept thinking about it the past month and then told my mom that if it was there this month then I would have to get it. I decided that it can either go upstairs in the hallway and replace my wicker chest or it can go in my cluttered craft room to help store all my fabrics and such. Sure enough we get there early Saturday morning and it's STILL there. I think the only reason why it was still there was because it had soooo much clutter stacked on top of it and you really couldn't see it. So we moved all the items off of it to take a better look. This puppy was still $45. It has a removable drawer, it's huge, not rusted, no metal sticking out, wheels on the bottom and it's ORANGE. My favorite color!!! My mom practically yelled at the lady to say that WE WANTED IT!! It's an early Birthday present for me, Thanks mama!! Sure enough as we kept looking around a million people kept going up to it because you could finally see it now that it had all the clutter off of it. We decided to hurry up and pay for this puppy and get it HOME! We didn't want anyone else trying to take it. It was that good of a deal. Anyways enough talking.... Here are some pictures. They really don't even do it justice. But ahhhhh I can't wait to get it up stairs!! :)

Ta Da!! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Classroom Months/Days

Months, days, year & numbers for my classroom daily agenda!
Go to scribd and download it! I plan to print on cardstock, cut out, laminate & add magnets to the back. Stay tuned for the daily agenda items I will create!!

Months Days Numbers Calendar 3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Classroom Mini Posters

Here are some posters I made for my classroom. I wanted some of these posters from a teacher supply magazine but refused to  pay the price. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Classroom Signs & New Puppies!

Okay here are 2 signs I worked on tonight. The first one was a free printable I found on a blog. I cannot seem to find the blog to give it credit, so if anyone knows let me know! All I did was cute out the letters, glued buttons on the top and magnets on the back. The little buses in between are my fav. So cute.
This project cost me: $1.85. All I had to purchase was the magnets. I had all the other materials.

Next sign I made is a banner. I of course had to incorporate burlap because I'm still obsessed. I cute out squares of burlap and used twine to attach it. I was going to sew the twine on but the twine I used was rather thick so I just hot glued everything on the back and folded part of the material over  so that the twine was nice and secured. As for the letters. They were $0.99 for 2 at Hobby Lobby. I then found one piece of 12 x 12 scrap book paper that I liked. I modge podge the paper on the letters. Then I used an exact knife to cute out the paper. I then put another layer of modge podge on top of the paper. I then hot glued the letters on the burlap. This project cost me just under $4.00. A little more expensive then I normally would spend, but hey that's okay. I will have this banner forever and ever since I'm now forever a Shields!!!!!! :)

Oh yes I also organized new school files on my computer today. Things are slowly slowly getting done. 

We got new DOGS. Not 1 but 2! They are 2 huskies. Okay, okay we are not the owners. We are fostering them. So we have a total of 5 ENORMOUS dogs at our house. Okay okay it's not really fostering either but Brian wants to call it that because we used to be foster parents. But we are watching the dogs for our dear friend Dustin. We should have them for a few weeks!! Meet Big Denver & sweet little Aspen girl!

Blog Shout Out & Classroom Fun!

Alright everyone, I've really been inspired this past weekend. I stumbled across this blog, an amazing one might I add. To top it off, she is a teacher! This teacher has it all. Holy cow, I am so incredibly jealous of her and the million zillion adorable documents, activities, and things she has created for her classroom. Her name is Miss Megan Farley. I actually emailed her to see if she could resend me an adorable substitute document. I really didn't think she would respond. Because lets get real, it's almost back to school time and teachers are cramming to get things done for their classroom. Well boy was I wrong, she emailed me back asap with the attached file and she created this chic vintage lesson plan binder cover that has my name on it as a bonus! I of course couldn't stop smiling when she emailed me back! Ugh.... I'm still drooling over these 2 documents. I cannot wait to put the binders together and show you how adorable my desk is going to look with them sitting on it! 

Megan also gave me a few pointers on how to create adorable documents just like her. Meg thanks for sharing, you've inspired me and I've already started creating. It by no means is fancy shmancy yet but I'm on my way. I am sure I will spend oddles amount of time creating and making fun things for my classroom. Everyone please go check out Megan's blog so you can too see all the outstanding and utterly amazing things she's done for her classroom. Thanks again Meg I will forever be a blog follower of yours!!
Click Here: Oh Boy 3rd Grade!

Below is a quick document I just threw together in 2 minutes. I call it the giving tree. This is a way for me to ask for donations of some of the supplies I know we will need throughout the year. I sit this list out during Back to School Night. I place cute post its next to it so the parents can write it on a post it and take it home. An easy reminder so that they will remember to bring it in. Last year I did this and it was great. I had lots of parents want to bring items which was surprising considering the area in which I teach. I did try this again half way through the year and I only had one parent bring stuff in. So I think it's great that I got such participation at the beginning of the year. I will for sure be doing this again. I know there are more great items I need but I can't think of them now. What other items do you think would be great to ask for? 

Just wanted to share one of my creations. Back to creating I go.....