Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Trunk & it's ..... ORANGE!

So my mom and I are obsessed with First Fridays downtown. There are so many amazing vintage/antique vendors. We spotted this orange trunk last month. It was a great price at $45. It's was HUGE too. I decided to not get it because I couldn't justify at the time where it would go in our house. Well you know me I kept thinking about it the past month and then told my mom that if it was there this month then I would have to get it. I decided that it can either go upstairs in the hallway and replace my wicker chest or it can go in my cluttered craft room to help store all my fabrics and such. Sure enough we get there early Saturday morning and it's STILL there. I think the only reason why it was still there was because it had soooo much clutter stacked on top of it and you really couldn't see it. So we moved all the items off of it to take a better look. This puppy was still $45. It has a removable drawer, it's huge, not rusted, no metal sticking out, wheels on the bottom and it's ORANGE. My favorite color!!! My mom practically yelled at the lady to say that WE WANTED IT!! It's an early Birthday present for me, Thanks mama!! Sure enough as we kept looking around a million people kept going up to it because you could finally see it now that it had all the clutter off of it. We decided to hurry up and pay for this puppy and get it HOME! We didn't want anyone else trying to take it. It was that good of a deal. Anyways enough talking.... Here are some pictures. They really don't even do it justice. But ahhhhh I can't wait to get it up stairs!! :)

Ta Da!! 

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