Monday, August 1, 2011

Classroom Signs & New Puppies!

Okay here are 2 signs I worked on tonight. The first one was a free printable I found on a blog. I cannot seem to find the blog to give it credit, so if anyone knows let me know! All I did was cute out the letters, glued buttons on the top and magnets on the back. The little buses in between are my fav. So cute.
This project cost me: $1.85. All I had to purchase was the magnets. I had all the other materials.

Next sign I made is a banner. I of course had to incorporate burlap because I'm still obsessed. I cute out squares of burlap and used twine to attach it. I was going to sew the twine on but the twine I used was rather thick so I just hot glued everything on the back and folded part of the material over  so that the twine was nice and secured. As for the letters. They were $0.99 for 2 at Hobby Lobby. I then found one piece of 12 x 12 scrap book paper that I liked. I modge podge the paper on the letters. Then I used an exact knife to cute out the paper. I then put another layer of modge podge on top of the paper. I then hot glued the letters on the burlap. This project cost me just under $4.00. A little more expensive then I normally would spend, but hey that's okay. I will have this banner forever and ever since I'm now forever a Shields!!!!!! :)

Oh yes I also organized new school files on my computer today. Things are slowly slowly getting done. 

We got new DOGS. Not 1 but 2! They are 2 huskies. Okay, okay we are not the owners. We are fostering them. So we have a total of 5 ENORMOUS dogs at our house. Okay okay it's not really fostering either but Brian wants to call it that because we used to be foster parents. But we are watching the dogs for our dear friend Dustin. We should have them for a few weeks!! Meet Big Denver & sweet little Aspen girl!

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