Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Fun!

 We've had lots of Birthday fun lately. I have a few pictures I wanted to post about some crafts I did.

Here is a ruffle cake that I made for my sisters birthday. It turned out awesome. I added vintage buttons to it to give it some flare! Not too bad for my first time using this technique.

Next thing I made was a picture frame accessory holder for my sister Sara. I got an old rustic frame and covered the back with chicken wire. Beware if you use chicken wire it's rather sharp. I cut my fingers and leg about 10 times and had blood everywhere! ha! Then I got a wooden letter S, painted it white, made some rosettes to put in the corners. I made a double fabric rosette for the top of the frame so that it was a bigger one. The rosettes you see on the frame are attached by twine. I hot glued a piece of twine on the back of the rosettes so that she can reposition them if she wants to. Here are pictures. 

Here is another one I made for my best friend Jlall as a birthday gift too. Hers was made with red because that color will always remind me of her! Hers turned out great. I did all of the same steps with this one as well. Then my bff Ang got adorable earrings that she placed on the frame too as part of her gift. What a unique gift.

And now for Charlie Bear: He turned 6. We had a mini birthday party here for him. Charlie got a toy for his birthday & some popcorn of course, his favorite. His new toy is piggie and it makes a pig sound too when you squeeze him. It's more of a grunt then a squeal. I think it's hilarious and Brian hates it. Well Charlie & Jersey are obsessed with the piggie. Dee however has about 0% interest in the thing. But here are some pics of Charlie on his birthday with his piggie and siblings!

haha I placed it there!

The piggie made it in all of the pictures! Its the new favorite toy around here. 
Happy Birthday Charlie Bear, we LOVE you!

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  1. I want a slice of that cake, it looks so good!
    I love the frames!
    You are talented, good job on everything! I need you to come over and help me re-decorate my house!!!