Sunday, July 31, 2011


Okay so I've literally spent one million hours this weekend blog stalking! I've also been pinning a lot on my boards on Follow me: Jenniferkaylyn.

My brain hurts I have so many ideas, crafts,etc that I NEED TO DO!!! Geeeze. I need to really kick it in gear this week.

Okay so I went to a sale with my mom yesterday. It's jamie's furniture collections called High & Dry. LOVE her stuff. I really hate paying some of her prices because my mom can literally do EVERYTHING she does. But we really love to go for ideas, inspiration,etc. Crossing our fingers that my mom will someday build her own shop on their land in Gardner! Okay so my mom got an adorable wood tray. It was actually a table but the legs got burned off in a fire. So Jamie made it a tray.

I got this huge heavy wood drawer. It is distressed and painted a gray/silvery color. Brian and I are needing wall storage in our master bathroom. So we plan to put our glass apothecary jars (from Crate & Barrel, yay!) in here and hang it on the wall!

Here is an adorable magnetic tray I got. I LOVE the colors and I love this little thing. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. But it inspired me to make my own. I bought a million trays for our wedding and chalked them. They are magnetic. I will be making my own magnets, drilling holes, and putting ribbon on these babies. What an easy gift. My best friends will be getting this for their birthday & wedding shower. Can't wait to do this project. I wish I got the 3 other red trays though because I'm in love.

Lastly, I got this adorable tray. It can be used for so many things. On our dresser to hold jewelry, etc. Or it could be tilted up against a counter of shelf. I could add a clip on it and it could become a great little note tray you can leave notes on. Ohhh the options are endless.

Onto my THRIFT STORE FINDS. I got all of this stuff for $20.00, ALL of it. I get so excited to go to the Thrift stores. I love when they have sales too!

The chair will either be going in my sewing/craft room. Or it will be added to our new dining room farm table and chairs. I like the thought of random chairs. Goal this week-get the dining room table and chairs done so I can pull my jeep into our cleaned garage! Here's some inspiration:

All those candle stick holders are for a project my mom has been dying to do. We will of course paint these little guys and then be adding vintage plates on the top. They will be cute dessert trays & dinner serving trays, or they could hold jewelry like the picture below. Here is some inspiration:

Those 4 magnetic trays I got, two of them are muffin tins will be used to create magnetic signs. I will paint the ugly designed one. I am sure they will be gifts. I am not sure about the muffin tins though. I will still be searching for projects. Here are some inspiration pictures for the magnetic trays:

Ohhh.... I found this for my muffin tins. Pretty cute huh?

Onto my classroom. Oh man Brian is starting to get annoyed that I've been glued to teacher blogs and staying up really and I mean really LATE searching and downloading FREE, did I say FREE templates, lessons, ideas for my classroom!!!! Now I need to start printing them out, sorting them into files, etc. I really need to stop because I just have so many files now that I need to focus on doing something with them.

But here are some ideas that I will be doing in my classroom:
Modge Podge new name magnets for me since it will now be Ms.Shields! Eeekk so fun! (Yes, I'm still going by Ms. because I'm not ready to be called Mrs.) It sounds old. I'm in denial that I'm a grown up.

Make fabric sling bookshelves. Look at this picture. Amazing. Those sling bookshelves are super duper easy to make and I will be showing them off in my classroom this year!

Making math station tubs

Laminate one million things

Make activity sticks for quick brain breaks

Make a new Lesson Planner Notebook

Make a new Substitute Notebook

Get new tubs for my reading corner

Back to school postcards for our 3rd graders

Back to school goodies for the kiddos

New classroom jobs

Decide on the official layout of my classroom, cause this girl needs a change!

Information packet parents

FIND Cubbies for my classroom. Any suggestions? Of course something free or diy would be more my style! :)

I really could sit here and go on and on and on and on on the ONE million things I need to do for my classroom. I though this was suppose to get easier each year? Well in my case I have way to many new ideas flowing that I think it's going to be a slight bit harder.

Off I go..... I wish I could say that I will be working on one of these projects today but..... I have to go cut music and choreograph a routine for tomorrow. BOOOO!! I mean I love dance but I'm not quite ready for it to start up again!! What a busy time of the year it is going to be!! Where did summer go? Oh yeah I got married and left the country for the whole month of June & then moved, cleaned, fixed up and consolidated houses with my amazing husband in July. Time flies!


  1. OK you and I could abSOlutely be related I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrifting and repurposing and all that JAZZ!!! this blog is too cute!!! and your wedding pics FaNtAbULouS!!!

  2. ahhhhhh. love the pedestals for our project!! Can't wait to get started!

  3. All of these stuff is awesome! I can't want to see all your finished project! Do share where the template is for those bookshelves, I want to make them! So cute!

  4. I just came across an addictive blog and had to share with you. I seriously am ready for Jolene's toddler room now so I can do some of the crafts this chick has done for her two cute girls! Enjoy!

  5. Meg,
    I thought the same thing when I found your blog. I was like Oh my gosh we have the same style and we like the same things!!! CRAZY!!! Thank you again, I just gave a HUGE shout out to you!!! :)

  6. Jess,

    I will email you the blog I found those shelves on!! I'm in LOVE!!! Okay I am so checking out that blog now!! YAY!!! I <3 crafts!