Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is baby Shields a Little Sir or Little Miss?

Hey guys! We have been doing great and super busy. I'm back at work at school and have some dance stuff booooooo and Brian is back to working his full time job and part time job! So free time is limited. Which we still have a million things to do!

This week was it....... We got to do another sonogram to see our sweet little baby! Everything looks healthy, perfect and normal. We are so blessed. Our baby is measuring a little small which is fine, it will be a little petite baby as of now! And YES we found out the sex of our little one!! EEEKKK! We are beyond thrilled. We immediately called all our family! Before I reveal we tossed back and forth with having a reveal party for friends and family. We already had to cancel one because we didn't find out the first time. After Brian and I went back and forth we decided we wouldn't have a reveal party and just call all our friends to let them know because we just wanted to finally TELL people! And.....we have ONE million things we need to be doing and focusing on! I have a million projects to be done along with life itself!

Now on to the exciting news........

We are absolutely ecstatic to have a little girl. Brian is too sweet and one of the first things he said was that his heart would melt when he saw her! He then started talking future on the way home from the doctors office. He said, "Jen what are we going to do if our daughter wants to wear a thong when she is in high school? And will you have that conversation with her and tell her it's not allowed in our household?" I laughed SO hard! Good thing the baby comes out as a baby and we will have SEVERAL years before we even have to think about that!! Ohhhhhh Brian!!!

Here are the first two things we bought our Little Miss!!!

The first thing was:

Magenta snow boots! Marshall's $6.00

The second thing was:

A sweet little lace romper! In love!
Got this on for only $10.00

Let the fun begin! Let the hair bow making begin! Let the clothes/onesie making begin! Let the nursery decorating begin! Let Brian & I's journey of being parents begin!! Woohooo! So excited! As far as names we have no names picked out. We have a list started though. The name will be a surprise when we have her. As far as the nursery, it will be painted soon. We have all our furniture we just need to refinish the dresser/changing table. And then I will begin crafts and decorating soon!! Yippee! Colors we are thinking: cream/white with accents of coral, gold and turquoise/teal/blues! We do not want something girly or babyish. We are going for more of sophisticated, chic, vintage and unique for our little miss! 

I believe Brian and I are going to be tackling the registering this Sunday. We are thinking Target and Buy Buy Baby. If any of my mom friends out there have suggestions on where to register? What's one thing I MUST register for? Message me!

This week at school one of my students who isn't normally sweet or really caring for that matter (hehe) said to me, "Mrs.Shields OH MY GOSH there is something really wrong with your feet, they are BRIGHT RED! Are you going to be okay?" haha. I responded with, "I'm fine, go sit down and stop talking in the hallway." Which then I realized well that was nice of him to ask me if I was okay.I knew if I said, "Oh it's just because I'm pregnant," then everything I did wrong or did my students will catch on and say "It's because she's pregnant." Sooo let the swelling begin. I'm trying to not be on my feet as much at school which is almost impossible. I've noticed that my feet will only swell if my room is hot or if I eat salty food. Which I hate salt so that's fine! Last week we had those 2 nice days outside and I noticed I started swelling in my feet too. Thank goodness the majority of my pregnancy it will be winter. Oh the joys! :)

Prego Pics:

How far along: 25 weeks, Almost 26
Total weight gain: 21 pounds, Guess the Holidays were good to me! 
Maternity clothes: None, just work pants
Stretch marks: I'm getting a few little red lines on my upper leg but I'm lathering on lotion as much as possible
Sleep: great! Love getting back rubs from the hubs right before bed
Best moment: Find out we are having a LITTLE MISS!!!!!
Miss anything: Nope
Movement: TONS, Love it and it keeps getting stronger and stronger
Food cravings: Oranges of course, and salads with Caesar Parmesan vinaigrette dressing (Yum, Yum, Yum) I will say Brian has been getting up in the mornings to make me salad for lunch because he makes them SO deliciously! He so sweet!!! :) Oh yes and how could I forget my first guilty craving is..... chocolate homemade milkshake that my sister makes! I mean REALLY to die for. I probably need to cut back to 1 a week. Shesh they are so gooood!
Queasy or sick: nope
Showing: Oh yes! I love when random kids at school stop me in the hall and say, "HEY Mrs.Shields you got a baby in there?" haha! What the heck who says that? Good thing I am pregnant and not just really chubby! 
Gender: Girl, Girl, Girl
Labor signs: Nope
Belly button: It's still in and so is my belly button ring
Wedding rings: On
Mood: Happy!!! My husband might not agree after I get home from work and haven't eaten is usually when I'm a little grumpy grumpy!
Looking forward to: Starting on the Nursery with Brian this weekend and registering for baby stuff! YAY!


  1. Look at your cute little baby bump!

  2. Adorable!!!! Congrats you two... I mean three!!!!

  3. soooo excited for you---definitely one of the cutest pregnant moms I have ever seen!!!!!!:)