Sunday, January 29, 2012

28 weeks, Hello 3RD Trimester!

Hey All! We are in the last trimester, wohooo! We are feeling awesome, actually we are really exhausted. We have been working on Brian's house non stop. I even took off a day of work this week to hit it hard. I spent 9 hours, cleaning, packing, throwing away stuff. I think I over did it. I was so sore the next day and have now been getting Braxton Hicks contractions. But hey that's okay we got so much done and it was well worth it! Brian has been working non stop on his house. Between his full time job and part time job that's all he does. He can obviously do a lot more than I can as far as move lots of the big heavy stuff, so keep up the good work babe, we are almost done! It's sure coming along and we are working all week this week on it as well.  Woohoo we can't wait to have it finished.

I have been working on our entry way table this week. This is a piece my mom got for our wedding. She found it on the side of the curb, yup another free one! Gotta love it. We used it for our Photo Booth. It was used to hold all our cute props. It was a minty green when we got it and we left it that color for the wedding. It was super cute. I posted pictures to my Facebook of me painting it gray, and then distressing it. Here is the final product, I'M OBSESSED!

Isn't she beautiful! Ahhhh I love it. I will say the pictures don't do this thing justice. All the detail looks amazing in person. I am even slightly obsessed with how well this turned out, that we might be doing the two dressers for the nursery with this color. It goes really well with the carpet, room color and our crib is a dark espresso color. PERFECT! We will see. Once we are done with Brian's house within the next week we will move our focus back to the nursery!

Baby Bump Pic: 28 Weeks- 3rd Trimester-7 Months

How far along: 28 weeks
Total weight gain: 21 pounds
Maternity clothes: None, just work pants
Stretch marks: I'm getting a few little red lines here and there. 
Sleep: Good, just needing more back rubs before bed from my sweet husband!
Best moment: Buying some adorable clothes for our cute little miss
Miss anything: I miss my ribs not hurting
Movement: Lots.
Food cravings: salads, oranges, pineapple, coke Slurpee's, and a little piece of chocolate after a meal.
Queasy or sick: nope
Showing: Oh yes!
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: nope, just Braxton Hicks
Belly button: It's still in and so is my belly button ring
Wedding rings: On
Mood: Happy!!! and Exhausted!
Looking forward to: finishing up Brian's house in the next week or so. We are praying all this hard work pays off soon!! :) 

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