Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back in the US!

We are BACK! It feels really great to be home. Our honeymoon was just the perfect amount of time to get away! After we got married we spent several days out at my parents farmhouse & then we went to Costa Rica. It really feels like we have been on a honeymoon for 3 weeks! Crazy. Our house is a semi-disaster, well just the dining room and part of the kitchen. It's filled with lots of crate & barrel boxes and bags. So I'm not going to lie I kind of like looking at all the crate & barrel items! Probably because I have a small obsession with crate & barrel!! First day back today and I already made a trip to that store. I hope to be going soon again to finish getting some more items on our registery!

Anyways my husband went back to work today. He has one full day of work and then 4 days off. HA. Not too bad eh? I have also been slaving away on fun shirts, bags, music and cds for a dance camp I am putting on this week! You will all soon know how obsessed I am with crafts as well. First day back and I already had my hot glue gun out. The pic's I took do not even do the shirts & bags justice. I apologize my phone camera is not that great. But you kind of get the idea!

On another note I got a steal of a purchase today at Hobby Lobby. This HUGE antique frame. It was on the 80% clearance aisle. I couldn't believe it. It was actually marked down more than 80% off, more like 90% off. It was orginally $90.00. I got this puppy for a whopping $12.87. I cannot wait to get a huge wedding picture printed to go in this frame. I will be putting this in our house somewhere, maybe the living room when my oh soooo hottie of a husband repaints the living room accent wall! :) This frame is over 3ft tall, wowaza! Also picked up this cute burlap basket. I wanted to purchase more but I had to resist the urge. I couldn't justify in my head where I would put all these baskets. So I just left with one. I believe it was only $5.80. More than I'd like to spend on a basket but it was so my style & it was marked down from $20.00. I decided on one because I know that I needed a new basket to hold all our doggie toys! Our other little basket is looking rather worn!

And for the EXCITING news.............. Our Wedding pictures are complete! We are just waiting to get them from our photographer. Our videographer is almost done with the video as well. Awww the suspense, we cannot WAIT to see everything! We got to see some of the photobooth pictures from my husbands fellow firefighter who took the pics: Matt Gilloti! Hey Hey! He did an amazing job, and the pictures are HILARIOUS! I can't wait to post some of them. So exciting!

Off to bed I go before a long few days of dance camp!

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