Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Typical Night in Costa Rica

Today was one of those days we got to rest. We cooked breakfast (Okay Mr.Shields cooked yummie pancakes & eggs). I cleaned! That's why I love my husband because we have already assumed roles in our marriage, he cooks, & I clean! Perfecto! After breakfast we literally lounged around all day talking, enjoying each others company, looking at the scenery(mainly for all the toucans that we cannot find-we can hear them but cannot find them), we cooked lunch & talked some more.

Today was the day that it dawned on me how lucky we actually are. Mr.Shields & I have so much to be thankful for. We have unconditional love for each other & we are so happy right now in our lives, not only because we recently got married but we both have amazing careers that we are so blessed to have. After talking to some people here this isn't always the case. Since this was normal for us to love our careers I just assumed everyone loved thier jobs as well. We both actually LOVE going to work. It just so happens that I have summers off since I am a teacher so I am really in love with my job right now! ha! No but really we are starting a wonderful life together, have wonderful jobs, we have very loving & supportive families, simply amazing friends, adorable pups which we miss dearly right now & we cannot forget the relationship that we have with the big man above! I will stop there but I could go on and on. We have so many things that we are grateful for. I am so thankful that Mr.Shields & I have had this opportunity to come to Costa Rica for such a long period of time because it has made us appreciate the small things in life. (exactly what we needed).

Enough of that sappy stuff, on to our night tonight. We are staying at this property in Costa Rica that has many many acres of rain forests & it also has 3 houses. We are staying in the house that is the newest and that is literally on top of a mountain! You cannot get much higher than this! The person who owns the property lives at one of the houses towards the bottom of the mountain. We decided yesterday that we should get all his amigos together por a futbol fiesta. Mi espanol es pequeno y malo. Mr.Shields espanol es nada y muy muy muy malo. He is much better at German! :) USA played Panama tonight in soccer and we just so happen to get the channel. So our friend Alan called all his amigos and we had a watch party.

Mr.Shields cooked his famous guacamole. If you haven't tried his guacamole you need to! Mr.Bob who lives across the way in a valley made some muy excelente friolas dip. Some other friends came over too like Linda who we met yesterday & she made some delicious pork chops. We went to her beautiful house and got massages. Marley her friend who works for her came over too. Marley & I had great bonding time in the mountains riding horses yesterday. He speaks no English. Like I said before Mi espanol es pequeno y malo. We had a blast talking to each other. Some of the Spanish I learned in High School came back & all the spanish that my 3rd graders have taught me really came in handy! SOLO BUENO! This seems to be our quote of the trip, it means ONLY GOOD, kind of like awesome in English. Alans' gardner came over too his name is Carlos & he brought his friend Gustavo.

Spanish was the main language that was being spoken the entire night. Mr.Shields & I did not seem to care at all, we had so much fun. Mr.Shields started to pick up on certain words in Spanish and I would try to explain to him what was being said when I heard key words or sayings that I knew. Usually Alan does all the translating. It was so neat to have all of us there watching the game & eating great food.

By the end of the night there was much laughter & many efforts of us teaching the Costa Ricans English & them teaching us Spanish. SO FUN! We loved it! It just floors us how nice people are here. Mr. Shields & I are really getting a great taste of what it's like to live here. We already know that we would love to come back, we have made some great friends who we will miss!

We are headed to bed now, tomorrow is an early morning for us. We will be getting up around 5am which is not too early since the sun wakes us up at 5:30 or 6am. Alan is taking us to the waterfall gardens tomorrow. We will be going up to see the volcanoes, watching waterfalls, & there will be a lot of wildlife there too! We hope to see more exotic animals & maybe even panthers this time. Adios!

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