Tuesday, May 1, 2012

41 Weeks 4 days, STILL PREGNANT!

Hey all! I haven't posted in quite some time now. Due to being crazy busy, exhausted, trying to get things in order, projects, state assessments for school and so on. I've been swamped. This past month (month 9 and now month 10) have gone great. I definitely started getting exhausted right after our state assessments which was that first week of April. So week 38 and 39 were exhausting. I did work up until my due date April 20th. I could have kept working and could still be working now but it was better for me to have an end date. And with it being the end of the year I only had to take off the last 4 weeks, not bad! So week 40 and 41 the LONGEST weeks of my life! I realize with children you cannot plan. I have kind of wrapped my brain around all this, mostly. Most of you that know me know that I am a planner, I'm organized and I'm all about dates & times. Sooooo the entire pregnancy you've got this little date called your due date and everything and I mean EVERYTHING is center around that date. Although they tell you it's just a date and guess. BLAH. You think well the baby could come early so you want to plan and organize so you are ready for that. Then you really plan and get organized when the due date rolls around. Well let me tell you when that due date passes, WOAHZA! Poor Brian. I mean seriously, Poor Brian.
Let me start off by saying this pregnancy has been easy, fast and I've felt extremely great the entire time! Not to mention I'm really a positive person and always look at the bright side of things! Well I've never been SO GRUMPY when that due date rolled around with NO baby or signs of labor. For a few reasons. I'm not miserable, I still feel GREAT!
The first reason is that I was BORED out of my mind! I've cleaned everything, frozen meals, washed and did every piece of laundry imaginable, baked, redecorated the house, finished projects (except for the ones that require repainting) and so on! I've been going insane trying to find things to do. I am always on the go, so not working has KILLED ME.  But it has been nice to not work because my poor elephant feet have finally gotten smaller and I've been able to see my ankle bone (woohoo). I didn't even know what to do with myself. I don't really watch that much TV, so I can't lounge on the couch too long. So I was dying to get out of the house, trying not to spend too much money, and trying to find things to do! So that's been the first challenge.
The second challenge is "HAVE YOU HAD YOUR BABY YET?", "WHEN ARE YOU DUE?", "OH MY GOSH YOUR STILL PREGNANT?", "WOW YOU LOOK MISERABLE?", "ARE YOU SURE YOU AREN'T HAVING TWINS?", "WHEN ARE YOU HAVING THAT BABY", "LOOKS LIKE YOUR ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY?" (NO SHIT?) blah blah blah. I could go on and on. It doesn't hurt my feelings at all because i'm not really that sensitive. But just kills me and makes me laugh at some of the STUPID things people say to pregnant women. If I knew when I was going to have this baby I'd be GOD. I mean seriously! And it really surprises me that strangers say these things. I would never walk up to a random lady and say those things. Crazy!! I kept telling Brian that the next person that says "Wow looks like your going to have a baby." I was going to respond with "Oh yes I already had her a month ago." Just to make them feel awkward! ha! But I never did. Ironically no one else asked me after I was planning on saying that which is probably for the best!
Third reason is people were being way to nice in the sense that "Ohhh hunnie it's okay you haven't had your baby you will have her when she's ready." Well shout out to my WORK FRIENDS (HOLLA) I told Brian, "Can't everyone be like my work friends and be on my side?" Meaning can't they just not sugar coat things and joke with me by saying "WOW that sucks, I bet it feels like you are going to be pregnant for the rest of your life!" Or "Well maybe your baby will come out walking!" Or "Hopefully you will have her by next school year!" Or "Maybe you should consider entering yourself into the Guinness Book or World Records for being pregnant the longest!" HA! I love my coworkers and their sense of humor!!!! SO THANK YOU for being REAL and on my side! :)
Last reason, people trying to tell me ALL the things that will induce labor. DRIVES ME NUTS. On one of my angriest days, ha! (sounds so serious) I told Brian the next person that freaking tells me to EAT SOMETHINGS SPICY, I'm going to SHOVE A FREAKING TAMALE DOWN THEIR THROAT! It's amazing to me that people tell me these things that help labor, like I've NEVER heard of them before! Now we did try lots of things, don't get me wrong and NONE of them worked. Hence why I'm 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant!
Alright well that's  a wrap for the most negative post I've ever written! ha! I am really not mad just wanted to share my recent feelings of being 10 MONTHS PREGNANT! lol! I told Brian that the hard part of me being really hormonal is over. I think now for the laboring I'm going to be happy just because I know it will be worth it and result in a sweet little baby in our arms!! :) All in all we know she is WORTH the wait and I'd already do this over a million times because having a baby is such a miracle and we do feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience such an amazing event!

This is my last post of being pregnant! WHAT WHAT! Yup that's right we are going in tonight to the hospital and hopefully having a baby tomorrow. (Wednesday) We are beyond excited, ready and thrilled to meet our little one. We did a sonogram yesterday since I'm past 41 weeks to make sure everything is okay with the baby and myself. Everything looks awesome and healthy. The baby's measurements are about 38-39 weeks. So either she is small or my due date is off. They are guessing around 7lbs. Give or take a pound. Her heart and lungs look awesome and she is already practicing breathing. She also has a few rolls of fat on her back already, ha! LOVE IT! So stinkin' adorable. After seeing our baby on the monitor it helped completely and made me realize that the end is SO NEAR! I've been on cloud 9 since yesterday and am truly ecstatic to meet her!

We greatly appreciate everyone who has checked in on us the past few weeks and the entire pregnancy! We are blessed to be surrounded by great family and friends. Not to mention we appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been headed our way. We are praying for a healthy delivery and baby tomorrow! We are so excited to be parents and to hold our little girl for the first time! Much love!!!

Last PREGGO PICS until baby #2!


  1. Treyson was almost 2 weeks overdue. I feel ya! Toughest days ever! CAn't wait to see pics of that little miss.

  2. Oh Jen!!!
    I remember all those days and those feelings and I was only 4 days past due before I begged my dr to get me into the hospital to induce.
    People just don't get it.
    I had to leave work because each day past my due date the same people kept coming by and saying the same things over and over.
    YAY for baby girl tomorrow! I can't wait to see pictures of the little beauty!
    Thoughts and prayers your way! It will be an amazing experience you will remember the rest of your life. It's so fun. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for blogging, it's been great hearing your stories!! Your due date snuck up on me!! I was 6 days overdue, and I know how frustrating that is. Didn't feel 1 contraction until I got to the hospital to induce!! You will do great with labor and delivery!! Can't wait to see those baby pics!! Sending much <3 your way!!

    Chelsea Koenig

  4. Great blog. Most of us moms have experienced these same things. STILL doesnt make it right!!! I had a lady once tell me "from the back I couldnt even tell you were pregnant but now I really see it (and was pointing to my double chin area) SERIOUSLY? I swear someday this pregnancy will be a blur. Pregnancy Amnesia I call it.

  5. I just read all these sweet posts! Thank u all!!! I will be blogging again soon! Being a mommy has prolonged my blogging! I will be back in action soon! Woohoo and cheers to not being 10month pregnant anymore!

  6. I'm 41 weeks and 4 days and I was just sobbing and googling and found your blog post and you made me laugh, I liked the part about shoving a tamale down people's throats. Thanks and hope you are doing well.