Friday, March 16, 2012

34 Weeks & a Sneak Peak of the Nursery!

This week has been my spring break so as you can imagine I decided to do WAY too many projects/crafts this week. Although, I've been moving and grooving through them with the help of my wonderful hubbie and sweet family! They have been keeping me motivated and sure helping out a lot. All I want is for it to be done so I can cross it off my list. After the nursery I will be doing a slight redecorating/reorganizing to our guest bedroom/craft room which Brian is painting and fixing up right now. I also have old furniture that I can't WAIT to get rid of. Most of you that know me know that I love to keep things super clean, organized and I am slightly obsessed with getting rid of things! I just love the feeling of cleaning out things and getting rid of things we don't need or use! My husband would disagree with this, we somehow have opposite opinions on this!  ha! Love ya babe! After I get that guest room done, who knows what I will do after that probably the guest/baby's bathroom and then loft area. Yes I'm crazy. I'm gonna keep on going until this baby gets here! It helps the time pass and I've gotta be constantly doing something.

Are you ready? Now keep in mind the nursery is no where near done I've got to do lots of little things. But I am just so excited that is coming along finally! YAY! Remember one of my last posts, it had all of our inspiration on there. Well I slightly changed somethings for the best!

Changing Table Wall

Love this frame, old drawers, jars, some first Friday finds and something that belonged to my great grandma Jean!

Crib Skirt

Ruffle Curtains. Without the help of my mom and sister I would still be working on these darn things. I hate them, I hate everything about them. BUT I LOVE how they turned out. SOO cute. Next time I will pay the price and just buy them even though I saved almost $60 by making them my own. 

Lamp shades, not finished yet but will be today hopefully!

Made this coat/towel rack. We used an old vintage window from Brian's old house. Some of you may notice it from our wedding too. I bought the cute knobs at Hobby Lobby at 50%. Then I added these vintage skeleton keys that were from my Great Grandmothers house! Turned out great!

This banner I will be adding some stuff too. I was going to make a new one but I found this banner my sister made for our wedding! I reused it! One less thing to make!

On to baby bump pictures week 34:

How far along: Finishing week 34!
Total weight gain: 25 pounds
Maternity clothes: Work pants and jeans. The bigger I get the harder it's getting to stretch my shirts, lol! I am having a harder time going shopping and not being able to buy adorable spring dresses, swimsuits, cover ups, etc. UGH! I can't wait to be a normal size so I can get my Summer shopping on! 
Stretch marks: I'm getting a few little red lines here and there.
Sleep: It's been okay. I still wake up around 2:30 or 4:00. My allergies have been bad so Benadryl has helped with that and helped knock me out!
Best moment: Our Baby showers last week, working on the nursery with Brian!
Miss anything: My brain! I miss sleeping awesome! I miss dancing full out. I did a clinic this week and couldn't dance full out which was frustrating. I'm ready to be able to move again! I also miss my ribs not hurting! I miss not being able to get off the couch without a push from my husband! ha! I'm so not complaining by any means, just miss the little things. However, it's totally WORTH it!
Movement: tons and she is getting quite cramped in there!
Food cravings: Ice! 
Queasy or sick: nope
Showing: Oh yes!
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks
Belly button: Is in. Finally took my belly button ring out. Guess I'm growing up or something?
Wedding rings: On
Mood: Exhausted but happy!
Looking forward to: finishing the nursery and for this little girl to arrive healthy!!! 


  1. I love your nursery! I might have just the thing for it ;)

  2. Awww you are too sweet Rach! Thanks and can't wait to see ya!!!