Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nursery Inspiration & Upcoming Projects!

I have lots to do for this sweet little miss that is arriving in under 8 weeks! However, I do have spring break in there which will allow me to hopefully knock lots of these fun projects out.

First project that started this week are curtains. Mine will be a gray ruffle curtain.

Here is my inspiration:
The first picture is the waterfall curtain from Urban. It is a single panel that is $89.00. YUP, EEEEKKK! Holy expensive. My ruffles will be vertical like the second photo and my curtain cost me under $30.00 and I will be making these myself. That's more like it. 

Crib skirt is the next on the list. It took me FOOOOOOOOREVVVVVER to find the perfect material. But I did, I found it!! I ended up getting 2 yards of it for $25.00 with shipping. Not too bad. A lot of material/fabrics online can be rather pricey. I was super excited to find out that my fabric is from the Dwell Studio. Which I love all Dwell Studio fabrics. Here is my fabric.

My inspiration for the crib skirt

Using the coral peony fabric I have with some other gray fabric I will create a layered ruffle crib skirt. Can't wait!

Next up the lamp shade lighting. This will go above my rocking chair in the nursery. My mom and I have collected the lamp shades and tore off the fabric to them so we can add new fabric like the picture below. I will of course be using neutral colors along with a pop of coral for these lamp shades. So chic and vintage, can't wait to finish this project! 

Your typical mobile over the crib will consist of a variety of small pom balls and some fabric rosette like objects. You would think after my wedding I'm done with pom balls holy cow, between me, my family, my wedding party and dear friend Karena we made enough of these things! lol! But I do love the way they look. I would like to get a hold of some coral doilies for these pom balls. Here is my inspiration.
Fabric Pom Balls

Paper Doily Pom Balls. The lady is on maternity who sells them so my options would be to find another person who hand dies them or I will have to hand dye them coral. Sounds like a challenge, we will see!

Next up Lamp Shade Ruffle that will be on the dresser. I have a few options and haven't decided what I will do but here are some pictures of my ideas. 

Below are some other random inspiration ideas I will be creating.
Blue glass mason jars- I have a ton from our wedding I hope to use. I have some old vintage milk bottles that I got at an antique mall that I will be using. I also like these painted jars, look very unique and vintage.

Baby Announcement. We have so many vintage windows from Brian's old house that we used at our wedding that I'd like to incorporate with in the nursery. 

These paper lined jars are super unique too. I just need to find some paper that would go along with our color scheme for the nursery. 

This is one of my favorites. I plan on make this out of a piece of wood and stencil! So sweet. 

Love these old crates. I have a handful from our wedding we can use. I already have one crate in the nursery that is holding books. I'd like to stencil something on the outside of the crate & possible add wheels. So sweet!

Crib banner, these are so sweet. Not sure what I would like mine to say or if it will just be fabric or rosettes! I love these banners. 

That's it for now. I could go on and on but I will keep it short!! Can't wait to meet this Little Miss! 

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