Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You know your a mom when.....

I wish I kept better track of my thoughts the first few weeks of Evie's entrance into this world. I want to start off by saying adjusting to a newborn has really been the easiest thing! Nothing hard or challenging yet! I've been around kids my entire life so I really feel like I was BORN to be a mom. It really also helps that Brian and I always try to stay calm, confident, eager to learn about kids and most of all we stay positive! The hardest part yet has been two things 1. Deciding to go back to teaching or stay home (stay home it is-Evie needs her mom and I sure love to feel needed!) 2. Mom guilt- oh lovely mom guilt that will never and I repeat never GO AWAY as long as I live! All you moms know what I mean! Ugh! So that's the hardest adjustments so far. On to the fun.

You know when your a mom when.....
-You look at your new baby and just cry.
-you want to cry when they are screaming their heads off because it hurts you to see them in pain or discomfort.
-you cry every week they get older.
-you are eyeing "someone" cause they are holding your baby wrong.
-you wake up a sweaty mess and have to do an outfit change in the middle of the night. I'm not exaggerating but my hair was dripping wet the first couple weeks after having Evie (lovely hormones)
-you know the difference between cries
-you have spit up all over you and in your hair.
-you have pee down your shirt after you give your baby a bath but you don't even care.
-you have poop randomly on your body like your arm or leg? Still not sure how.
-the sound of a breast pump puts you to sleep.
-you make your child finish every bottle because you worked hard to get that milk. Breast milk is like GOLD! Lol
-you now have to sleep with a sound machine to sleep. (how did I survive so many years without one?)
-you forget to put a coffee filter in the coffee pot but still drink the coffee grinds and all!
-random dirty diapers in your car due to all the lovely blowouts your child has in the car seat. (why does your child ONLY poop in the car seat?)
-have managed to stay in your Jammie's until 2pm. Seriously WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?
-takes about 3hours to leave the house.
-you have to get ready in sections.
-you have to shower early in the morning or it NEVER happens.
-feel like a million bucks when you take a 30 second shower
-you take back all the mean things you said about children sleeping in a bassinet in the parents room till they were 9months. (Evie is in her crib but it was sad to move her in there.)
-find yourself swaying while looking in the fridge and you are NOT even holding your child.
-you rock the grocery cart back and forth without your child even being in the cart.
-your multitasking skills are at their all time high. For example, putting groceries away, talking on the phone, and cooking dinner, All while feeding Evie.
-strategically park next to the shopping cart thing so it makes your life easier when loading groceries and the baby in the car.
-when going to target by yourself feels like a mini vacation.
-you go to get in the car to go out to eat as a family and your husband says, "You are going to need to go change you look like a mess. You have spit up and dog hair all over your shirt and pants. It's okay babe I will give you 10minutes this time to go put yourself together." I reply with , "Oh goodie 10minutes?" Hey I will take it because 10 minutes can go a long way these days! Ha
-when you are at the grocery store and look at your sweet baby then say, "OMG WHAT IS THAT SMELL? OMG WHAT IS IN HER CAR SEAT?" Quickly you realize your child had the worst blow out you've ever seen. I mean it is just sitting in her Carseat like a soupy yellow mess! You then make a mad dash to the checkout line before anyone can stop you and comment at how cute your baby is and then ask you "OMG what is that soupy yellow stuff?" My fear was someone seeing this soupy yellow mess and thinking how awful of a parent I am for not changing my child's diaper! Ahhhh! All of this happened while Evie was smiling and giggling of course! Ha!

That's it for now. More to come, I'm sure of that! :) Oh the joys of being a mom. I love how our life has changed. All of these things make me laugh! It really amazes me how much your view of life changes when your a mom. I don't know how many people said, "Someday when your a mom you will understand." I would always get offended by that but it's the truth. Something about being a parent changes you and you automatically relate SO much better to certain situations.


  1. So freakin true!!!!!! lol LOVE that picture, what a beautiful family! Seriously adorable and Evie has the biggest grin, great job!

    1. Thanks Jess!! Your soooo sweet!! :) I'm sure you can add to this long list of things hehe!!!