Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obsessed with this Etsy Store: KAKABAKA

Well the past few months I've been slightly obsessed with shopping online. Just about everyday in the mail I got a package and sometimes I would have to beat my husband to the mailbox so he wouldn't see all the goodies I got for our daughter!! Now I'm really really thrifty about spending money & typically I make things instead to save money. However, I found this cute, adorable, trendy little Etsy shop that I instantly fell in love with. Sooooo I had to splurge! The shop is called Kakabaka. It first started off with a pair of black & white leg candy. Then it turned into a custom order for a Jayhawk onesie, then matching KU leg warmers, next chief leg warmers, with a matching bow, last I topped off my order with MORE leg warmers!! OH MY GOSH I had to stop there! Karen, the owner of the shop is the sweetest, most accommodating lady! I immediately fell in love with her business & enjoyed emailing her back & forth while we finalized my large order. Check out her Etsy shop you will drool over her work. Right now she has free shipping on some of her items!! Thank you Kakabaka for ALL Evie's adorable items & the extras!

Click here to visit KAKABAKA

Here is some of her work! Evie's favorite is her leg warmers & sport onesies! I'm sorry but not a lot of stores make cute sport onesies for babies. But Karen custom makes these, AHHHDORABLE! :)

We can't wait to wear this Jayhawk onesie & leg candy

Evie with her Chiefs leg warmers & headband from Kakabaka. Go Chiefs!

Ombre` leg candy, yes please! :)

Here is Evie modeling these striped leg warmers

Now on to Evie's wish list from this store:

I'm dying over this ADORABLE Halloween outfit, SOO stinkin' cute! Love love love those little leg warmers.

Kakabaka also does adorable boys attire and toddler items! Check her out, it's totally worth it, I PROMISE! Tell her I sent you!

Kakabaka also has a facebook page, hurry over there and LIKE their page. 


  1. Uh oh! You may have started something! I am going to have to get JoJo some KU gear and new leg warms!

    1. YAY! I'm serious she is so talented! Just love her stuff!! Tell her I sent you her way!! yipee!! :)